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"Kennichi!" The cry was shrill and insistent. "You can't possibly still be in bed!"

The boy in question half-mumbled and half growled something that was totally unintelligable into his pillow. Kenshin Himura, on the bunk above him, groaned.

"Is it even daylight?" he asked sleepily, an arm thrown over his eyes.

Kennichi opened one violet eye and winced, then buried his head back into his pillow. "Gyah. D'ya think if we ignore her long enough, she'll just go away?"

The door to the boy's room crashed open, and a glowering Karen Kansaki stood framed in the doorway, a bucket of water in her hands. "Awake yet, or do you need some help?"

Kennichi recognized the tone of her voice, and sat up so fast he clocked himself on the bottom of Kenshin's bunk. Dazed, he fell back onto his pillows and oro'd quietly.

This jostled Kenshin out of his fitful doze, so he rolled over and glared down at Karen, who glared back, totally unintimidated.

"I'm awake, I'm awake," Kennichi muttered sleepily.

Kenshin growled at Karen, then flopped back down, turning his back to her. Karen stalked over to the bunk. "If you're not sitting up in two seconds, Himura, you're getting a bath!"

Kenshin didn't even open his eyes. "You wouldn't dare."

There was a huge splash and water dripped down the bedframe.


Kenshin dove off the bed and straight for Karen, who shrieked in surprise, not expecting retaliation. Both of the teenagers bolted, Kenshin roaring something about 'disturbing the Battousai' and Karen shrieking sillily.

Soujiro, Kat and Jim all poke their heads out into the hall, to see Karen giggling like a maniac, being chased by a seething, soaked Kenshin clad only in boxers.

Kennichi, meanwhile, had turned over and gone back to sleep.

Kenshin, who was off of his game because of how sleepy he was, somehow completely missed the last two steps and fell flat on his face.

"Good lord," Soujiro moaned, rubbing her eyes. "Decent people should still be in bed so long as the clock reads single digits!"

"For once," Yuukito Shirow said, pulling on a tee shirt, "I totally agree with Simons. What the hell is going on here?"

"Ore wa korosu..." Kenshin mumbled, face still buried in the carpet.

"Wake-up call," Karen said cheerfully. "Did everyone forget we were hitting the Kingdom today but me?"

"Oro?" Kennichi muttered at the top of the steps, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"Translation: what are you talking about?" Kat replied. "Wait... wasn't this some hare-brained scheme you and--"

"OHAYO!!" Catie Storm shrieked, bouncing down the stairs and pogo-ing off of Kenshin's back. "We're going to the 'Kingdom today!!"

"Well, that answers that question," Jim said grumpily.

"Why so early?" Kat wanted to know.

"Well, it's a bit of a drive to get there, so it's an all-day thing," Karen explained.

"Is Kenshin still alive?" Soujirou wondered. "Catie hit him kinda hard..."

"Aw, he's still breathing," Catie said. "Just get him dressed and strap him in the car ... he can sleep his way there."

"He's not gonna be very happy when he wakes up," Karen said uneasily.

"He probably won't even remember it," Catie said, counting heads. "'Nichi, you, me, Kenshin, Sanji, Kat, Soujiro, Yuuki and Jim. Nine."

"My car and yours, it looks like," Karen said.

All at the same time, Kennichi, Yuukito and Soujiro chimed in. "DIBS ON CATIE'S CAR!"

Karen glowered at them, and they all disappeared off. Catie shrugged helplessly. "I'll take the unconcious one if it makes you feel better," Catie said. "That means they'll have to squoosh in the back."

"Fine," Karen sniffed. "I'm taking a super soaker anyway, and you're NOT allowed to warn them."

"Works for me," Catie said. She glanced up the stairs. "Ten minutes and we start rousing the ranks once more."

"Works for me as well. So, who gets to dress Kenshin?"

"Kennichi, you pervert," Catie glared at her. "Just 'cause he's 'Nichi's clone..."

Karen blushed scarlet. "No! That's not what I meant and you know it!"

Catie shook her head and smirked. "But you thought about it."

Karen blushed even deeper. "You pervet!" she shrieked at Catie, flinging a convient book at her. "I do NOT want to undress Kenshin to see what Kennichi looks like!!!"

Immeaditely, all activities upstairs stopped. Kennichi, who could hear the whole thing just like everyone else, groaned and thought about hiding in his closet for the next two weeks.

Kenshin decided to contiun feigning unconciousness. he was probably safer that way. After *that* conversation, he'd probably find limbs missing.

Despite initial hang-ups, everyone managed to get into the cars with minimal fuss. Kenshin (who had dressed himself, thank you very much!) found himself ousted from shotgun by a grumpy Kennichi.

"Better co-pilot," Catie apologized. "Besides, the last thing we need is for you to doze off again and forget where you're at."

"I only did that once!" Kenshin complained.

"And you nearly ran us off the road," Soujiro said. "No, I'm going with Catie on this one."

"Fine," Kenshin grumped. "But I get a window seat."

Soujiro shrugged. "I don't mind being squashed between two hot guys, really I don't." Catie laughed and Kenshin and Yuukito turned red and refused to look at each other. "I think I've made everyone suitably uncomfortable," Soujiro said happily. "Is Karen ready to roll yet?"

"Looks like," Catie said. "Everyone in, we've got an amusement park to destroy!"

"I heard that!" Karen yelled.

"What is an 'amusement park?'" Kenshin asked carefully. "I don't think I've heard that term before."

"Ohhhh boy," Soujiro said with an evil grin. "Now this... this is going to be FUN."
Ah, sou. Time for me to actually post some writing on this art-based website. Shock, horror!

RK02 is, for those of you who have not viewed my gallery, kind of a "sequel" to Rurouni Kenshin set in modern times. There is a host of original characters, plus none other than Kenshin himself, cloned/reincarnated (that's a story in and of itself) into the body of a fifteen-year-old. I write on the story mainly for amusement, as this drabble while show, but there is a long, serious and angsty storyline in the works that will change everything around again.

Anyway, this particular drabble (I hesitate in calling everything but the most finished of stories fics) was actually, originally written on the back of receipts while I worked at a U-Scan checkout last summer. Hence, it's not the top of my writting, but I find it hysterically funny and therefore wish to share it with the world at large. Or Deviantart.
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okamikiba Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2004
o_Ox;; You're more than welcome to draw a comic on it, if you want. The character designs are all in my gallery somewhere...

Do not disturb the "BATTOUSAI" hahaha!!!
This would be soooo funny as a comic! You should make it a comic! Hell I might even give it a go if I got your permission and I knew what everyone looked like!?! HAHHAHAHAHA --battousai--
querulousArtisan Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Do not disturb the "BATTOUSAI" hahaha!!!

Or he will attack you with sharp, pointed objects!!!

Or a pillow. Whatever is available.... :3
"Truly, the Battousai is most formittable when he first awakens!!!" hahahaha.
querulousArtisan Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
*sniker* I love this one! X3 I wish there was more to this!

*pokes* When are you *poke* going to update *poke* Kenshin's blog? *poke*
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